Year 12 Science Extension

Our Year 12 HSC Science Extension tutoring program begins at the beginning of Term 4 of each year and runs up to the end of Term 3 the following year, just before the external HSC exams.

Year 12 HSC Science Extension Overview

This HSC Science Extension tutoring program is specifically designed for Year 12 students doing Science Extension at school. The program includes all modules from the Science Extension syllabus focusing in assisting students to understand the module content and how to use this understanding to write their research report.

As this subject is unique and focuses on assignments, first-hand investigations and report writing, Dux College offers the following:

  • Specific guidance on students’ research project
  • Assistance with first-hand investigations – we have the equipment on campus so students can conduct their first-hand investigations with our assistance
  • Assistance and feedback with report writing – have our tutors carefully hone and perfect your assignment or report before submitting at school for marking

This course is ideal for:

  • Students who are intending to or are doing any HSC Science subject
  • Year 12 Science Extension students wanting to improve ranks and marks at school and maximise their research report marks
  • Students who were in a Year 11 Science tutoring program

10 x 1 hour private weekly lessons per term including unlimited marking and feedback for your research report and school based assessment tasks


Online support from your tutor


Online access to our repository of HSC Science resources including exam papers with solutions and course summaries

Course structure

1 hourOne on one
per week


UnlimitedMarking + feedback

Class Times


By appointment

Bondi Junction

By appointment

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