What to do when taking a study break


What you should do when taking a study break.

1. Plan your study breaks ahead
When taking a break while studying, it is important to schedule breaks in advance. Scheduling breaks ahead will increase motivation to study harder to reach the break. This will also increase your discipline and ensure that you only have a break for the assigned time limit.

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2. Remember to exercise
It is important to exercise during your study breaks. Sitting down in one spot for hours on end can be damaging for your body. Exercising occasionally during breaks will not only help the body but will also stimulate the brain. Exercising helps increase blood flow throughout the body and this will help you remain focused for a much longer time period. Exercising is also the best substitute for checking social media. A study break is meant to give your mind a break, so you come back refreshed and refocused.

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3. Eat food to fuel the body and mind
Studying on an empty stomach is not helpful when trying to remember content. Studying with no food in the stomach will only distract you and cause you to lose focus. It is essential to have the proper nutrients before and whilst studying to ensure that you remain focused. It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t indulge on junk food.

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