What not to do when taking a study break


What you shouldn’t do when taking a study break.

1. Don’t Check social media
Do not check social media during your study breaks. Checking social media will increase the strain on your eyes. Breaks are designed to relax the mind and body and feel refreshed. When you’re scrolling down your newsfeed, time flies by extremely fast and before you know it, your 15-minute break may turn into a 30-minute break.


2. Don’t start a new TV show
Starting a new TV show during your short study break would be disastrous. Not only will you completely lose focus and motivation to study again, you will lose valuable time to study. Only start a TV show once you have finished studying for that day.


3. Don’t over nap
Yes we all love a quick nap however, when you’re taking a nap during your study break, always make sure to set an alarm so you do not over nap. Over napping can cause your body to feel even more tired and it will also disrupt your sleeping schedule for that day.

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