Tutoring Fees Schedule

Term Courses

Our students attend a weekly 2 hour lesson where content is covered, paired with a 1 hour weekly Workshop Tutorial where they receive individualised assistance. Fees quoted below are for a full 10 week term and include GST.

Fees for the term are due in full after a new student attends their free trial lesson.

Year 12

  • HSC Chemistry
  • HSC Physics
  • HSC Biology
  • HSC English Advanced
  • HSC Mathematics Standard II
  • HSC Mathematics Advanced
  • HSC Mathematics Extension 1
  • HSC Mathematics Extension 2
  • HSC Economics
  • HSC Science Extension
  • $744
  • $744
  • $744
  • $813*
  • $744
  • $744
  • $744**
  • $1116**
  • $744
  • $880

*English Advanced classes are text-specific, meaning we do not mix students doing different texts into the one class. For students enrolled in English Advanced and at least one other subject, the base price for English will be reduced to $744 (before any applicable discounts). Classes not available for all texts – we may replace classes with weekly 1 hour one on one sessions at our discretion.

**Mathematics Extension 2 covers all 3u and 4u topics throughout year 12 and runs for 3 hours each weekly class, instead of the usual 2 hours.

**Mathematics Extension 1 covers all 2u and 3u topics throughout year 12.

Year 11

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • English Advanced
  • Mathematics Standard
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Economics
  • $669
  • $669
  • $669
  • $669
  • $669
  • $669
  • $669*
  • $669

*Mathematics Extension 1 covers all of 2u and 3u topics throughout year 11.

Year 10

  • Headstart English
  • Headstart Mathematics
  • Headstart Science
  • $632
  • $632
  • $632*

*Year 10 Headstart Science will cover concepts from Preliminary Chemistry, Physics and Biology in the second half of the school year, in addition to comprehensively covering all Stage 5 Syllabus outcomes.

Year 9

  • Headstart English
  • Headstart Mathematics
  • Headstart Science
  • $595
  • $595
  • $595


All fees are non-negotiable. Discounts apply only in the following circumstances.

  • Refer a friend and qualify for our Friend Referral Promotion.
  • Receive 10% off full fee for the second subject and 15% off the third subject and beyond. Not to be applied in conjunction to any other offer.

Term Courses

The fees listed above are for enrolling into our Term Courses. This includes a 2 hour weekly lesson* where theory is covered, paired with a 1 hour weekly Workshop Tutorial where students get individualised assistance.  If a student requires additional workshop assistance, we’re happy to accommodate without charging extra**.

Our Term Course also includes review lessons and past paper practice lessons before major assessments like the Trials and final HSC exams. Unlike other tuition centres, you do not need to enrol separately for these important components of your study. Enrolment also gives you access to our online student forums and extensive collection of resources in our online system.

*Mathematics Ext 2 is a 3 hour weekly lesson paired with a 2 hour weekly workshop.

**Subject to availability

Private Tutoring

In certain circumstances, we may be able to organise one on one tuition for our enrolled students in addition to their class programs. For example:

  • students who join us mid-year and need catching up with previously covered content
  • students who require remedial help due to weak foundations in earlier years
  • students who do subjects or electives or texts that are not offered by our classes

Other than the above situations, we generally do not offer private tutoring. Click here for fees and terms and conditions.

Essay and Assignment Marking

For students wishing to perfect their essays before exams and assessment tasks, we offer Essay and Assignment Marking Services. Your essay will be marked by the same tutors that teach our classes. Full commentary on areas of improvement will be provided. Learn more about our Essay and Assignment Marking services.

Payment Options

We accept cash, direct deposit, cheques and money order. Unless otherwise arranged with a branch manager, you must pay in full before your first lesson (excluding your free trial lesson).


We accept cash payments at the front desk.

Direct deposit (includes internet banking, visiting a branch etc)

Pay to: Account name: Dux College Pty Ltd BSB: 012220 Account number: 478410674


All payments must be made out to Dux College Pty Ltd. Cheques can be given to us in person, or mailed. If mailing a cheque, please give us a call to let us know. Please send all cheques / money orders to:

  • 30 Cowper St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Credit cards

A 1.5% surcharge applies with this payment method. You can pay with your card in person at our front desk, or over the phone, or by emailing us a request for a webform to fill out online. Please call us on (02) 8007 6824 if you have any questions.

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