Three ways to maximise learning in class


Learning in the classroom comes from teachers providing an inclusive atmosphere where the teachers can bring the best out of the students. We will show three ways how learning can be maximised in the class.

1. Knowing individual students

  • It is important for teachers to know and understand their students. Teachers should learn what motivates and excites their students to learn at a much deeper level. Teachers should not see their students as just another face in the crowd, but as a unique individual who has their own strengths. By understanding students, this will encourage them to perform at their best and make a contribution in class.

2. Assign students with tasks

  • Teachers shouldn’t just assess students at the end of a term. Instead, they should assign tasks to students throughout the term to track their progress. There shouldn’t be just one assessment that determines the performance of the students. Teachers should assess the students throughout the term and provide feedback on their performance.


3. Provide one to one or small group feedback sessions

  • Teachers should look to speak to students individually or in small groups to provide feedback. These sessions should be used to ask students on how they are performing and making sure that the students are aware and up to date. Teachers should look to understand more about the students in these sessions to build a stronger connection in class.
    These are just a few ways in which learning can be maximised in the class!



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