Subject Selection for New Syllabus 2018 onwards


The NSW Board of Studies has revised the syllabus for 17 different courses, including Maths, Science, English and History. The new content – which includes a mandatory writing unit focusing on grammar, spelling and punctuation in all English courses – will be first taught to Year 11 students in 2018.

Click the link here to read our previous blog post about the implementation of these new subjects.

2019 will be the first HSC year which implements the new syllabus, however UAC and ATAR calculation guidelines will remain unchanged. Currently there is no scaling data for the subjects, students should tentatively assume scaling statistics will be similar to existing statistics.

Scaling statistics for the previous year can be viewed in Table A3. Table A3 is a UAC publication released once a year that reports on the scaling statistics of all subjects used to determine all scaled marks and ATARs for the previous year. Click here to read our previous blog post to learn how to read Table A3.

Dux College continues to recommend students choose English Adv for their compulsory 2 units of English. Other subjects that are generally considered as higher scaling include: Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Maths Extension 1 and Maths Extension 2.

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