Studying – managing your time


 Studying – managing your time

Plan ahead

  • The best way for students to managing their time when studying is to plan ahead. Understand which topics require to most time and are the most urgent. It’s important to list them down as high priority so that you focus your time on these.

Create a balance 

  • When planning out, make sure to add breaks in between study blocks. You don’t won’t to be overstudying as it could make you extremely tired and not understand topics. Add ‘reward’ blocks in between to ensure you can relax and recharge for another study session.

Do not multi-task

  • When studying, do not multitask. This will lead to nothing being completed. If you have set your time on one task, make sure you complete it through to the end. Don’t pause half way and focus on another task. This will cause distractions and you won’t remain focused.


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