Staying motivated when studying!


 Staying motivated when studying!


Break down topics into smaller chunks

  • It’s important to break down topics into smaller chunks so that you won’t feel overwhelmed when studying. You should assign yourself a few smaller tasks each day so that it’s more achievable and you don’t feel like you have to cover a whole topic in one day. By doing this, you are no longer faced with one big topic but rather a series of smaller tasks.

Understand that topic, don’t memorise it

  • An effective way to study is to develop an understanding of a topic rather than just memorising information. When you begin to understand a topic, it creates a sense of satisfaction and will keep you motivated to continue to learn.

Time management

  • It’s important to decide which tasks/topics require the most time and have the most urgency. Plan out which subjects you will study. This will allow you to see the most important and urgent subjects to study.


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