Setting goals for 2019


Setting and Achieving Goals

A goal is something that you want to accomplish or achieve at some point in the future. The two types of goals include short-term and long-term goals.

Short-term goals are goals which you want to achieve in the near future. The long-term goals are goals which  you want to achieve further down the road. To maintain academic success, you must set realistic goals and accomplish them.

The THREE W’s of goals


Write down each individual goal. The number one key to achieving your goals is by commiting. Writing down your goals down will force you to clarify exactly what you want to accomplish and will motivate you to take action  toward achieving those goals. Writing down each of your goals ensures that you don’t lose sight of what you have set out to achieve.


If you don’t know what you want, you won’t know what you need in order to get there. Each goal you set should have a purpose and should state exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t set vague goals that lack focus and are not measurable. This makes it harder and more difficult to achieve.


You need to identify when you’ll accomplish each goal. Realistic goals have realistic deadlines. Don’t set goals with deadlines you know you won’t be able to complete them in. All your goals should have deadlines because goals without deadlines are less likely to be achieved.

Characteristics of good goals include the following:

  • Achievable. Set goals that are achievable. Make sure the goals you set push you to excel and learn.
  • Realistic. Setting a goal to get straight A’s when you’re approaching the end of the semester and failing most of your classes may not be realistic. Know your personal strengths and weaknesses and set goals according to them.
  • Measurable. Good goals are measurable. Don’t set a goal to just improve your performance in English. Set a goal to numerically improve your marks in the next exam.
  • Flexible. Don’t set such rigid goals that you can’t modify your goal if certain things change.




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