Student Results

to our past students!

Our teachers are dedicated to our students, teaching them the ins and outs of everything they need to know to achieve exceptional results, year after year.

atar-icn 81%

of our students attain an ATAR above 90.

band-6-icn 76%

of our students attain band 6 in their tutored subjects.

ext-2-icn 99 avg

Median ATAR for Maths Extension 2 Class.

Not released yet

“Dux College has helped improve my ability to assess questions & answer them more effectively. In turn, this has helped my grades improve significantly at school. The friendly atmosphere of Dux has also aided the learning process in this institution since the tutors are welcoming and easy to talk to.”

Hannah Fabros

Catherine McAuley Westmead, 2017

“Dux College has been helpful in improving my marks and rank for chemistry. My time here has been very enjoyable. My tutor gave me excellent feedback on my work and was able to explain concepts very clearly.”

Nidhi Mahajan

Catherine McAuley Westmead, 2017

“Dux College has been an absolute gem of a tutoring centre. It has definitely assisted with studing and allowed me to reach my potential. The tutors have been incredible & easy to access. Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

Darshit Desai

Parramatta High School, 2017

“My tutor was engaging and allowed me to maintain an interest in economics. Thanks Daniel!”

Taris Watson

Tangara, 2017

“Dux College is a really effective source of further knowledge & answers to queries. It has helped significantly in improving my ranks and tutors like Echo for mathematics provide advice and proper explanation for the content making time enjoyable.”

Mansi Dhandhukiya

Macarthur Girls High School, 2017

“Dux College has really helped me improve my ranks significantly since my preliminary year. Echo is a really good tutor & explains every syllabus point very clearly. I wouldn’t have picked any other tuition centre to help me for the HSC.”

Sarah Khan

St Patrick’s College for Girls, 2017

“My marks have improved quote a lot from Dux and my tutors were really clear with explanations and sometimes were better than my own teachers at school with explanations. The tutors were very down to earth and friendly which ended in a really enjoyable experience. My marks have improved greatly in my most difficult subjects.”

Danielle Lu

Nagle College, 2017

“Dux College has definitely helped with my marks allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of difficult concepts. Both Kerry & Michelle were able to explain complex ideas using simple terms, easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed working here especially the practical experiments. My marks have definitely improved & I hope to improve further before the HSC.”

Myron D’Souza

Penrith High School, 2017

“My ranking and marks have significantly improved since taking math & chemistry at Dux College. I have improved in critical thinking, logical skills and social skills since joining. Dux College has been very enjoyable mostly due to the delightful teachers. Thank you, Dux College!”

Jon Wong

North Sydney Boys High School, 2017

“My tutor was able to explain things clearly and helped me enhance my understanding of economics. I have enjoyed my time here & it has helped with my marks.”

Amishi Handoo

Our Lady of Mercy College, 2017

“Daniel is a great economics teacher. He helped me gain 10 more ranks in economics. Dux College is a great environment for a student to learn new things. Yes, I have improved since joining Dux College.”

Arianne Honrada

Penrith Selective High School, 2017

“Good teaching, especially Nathan. I found that my timing was better. I was more focused. Ranks are improved. I thought workshops were good.”

Sameer Jassal

Fort Street High School, 2017

Rohan Gupta99.95
Richard Ye99.95
Preetham Kadappu99.90
Daniel Choi99.70
Alice Tang99.70
Matthew Nguyen99.65
Erica Woodrow99.60
Naomi Goonatilleke99.60
Rahul Chandramohan99.55
Amir Elsaidy99.50
Arjun Pushpavannan99.50
Jenny Wang99.45
Chanum Torres99.40
Richard Ding99.40
Albert Leung99.35
Geoffrey Lam99.30
Tara Lawson99.15
David Lin99.10
Jessica Kang99.10
Stephanie Pham99.10
Qing Lu99.00
Sumanth Devathi98.95
Omar Yaqubi98.85
Malak Mustafa98.80
Atia Fatimah98.75
Farah Ahmad98.70
Anuraag Dasari98.65
Puneeth Kambhampati98.65
Samira Yaqibi98.65
Sophia Min98.50
Desmond Cai98.40
Shakur Ahmed98.35
Daniel Kim98.35
Chloe Lee98.35
Nusaibah Islam98.35
Mansur Ali98.30
Georgia Madeleine Brigg98.25
Monish Kumar98.20
Jason Lu98.20
Samantha Yau98.15
Amy Chan98.00
Bernadette Pudadera97.95
Brendan Wong97.95
Thuvaahini Ratnaseelan97.80
Fiona Tram97.35
Terry Poon97.20
Nina Zolotareva97.00
Isabella Campbell97.00
Roger Tong96.65
Queeny Shum96.65
Ron Miguel Tuazon96.55
Terrence Lo96.50
Memi Adams96.45
James Morched96.40
Vi Nguyen96.40
Mina Huynh96.30
Paulina Pazdzior96.30
Russel Yango96.10
Geraldine Wong95.95
Sally McNeal95.85
Rita Kaluzny95.85
Melinda Wong95.75
Zahab Mahmood95.70
James Lee95.70
Mamun Hakim95.50
Dushani Jeyaram95.45
Holly Gilbert95.40
Adam Wong95.30
Mustafa Yaqubi95.25
Danica Greenspan95.20
Edward Lai95.20
Asma Merchant95.00
Nikita Jain95.00
Anne Zheng95.00
Filip Reierson94.90
Thomas Cheung94.65
Dhrumil Shah94.55
Jingqi Zhao94.35
Grace Yang94.35
Salwah Karimi94.35
Jonathan Huang94.30
John Huang94.30
Tarush Sunil94.25
Jason Dinh94.25
George Leung94.10
Christina Lam94.10
Dhruvil Gohel94.00
Girija Krishna Kumar94.00
Harry Zhang94.00
Sanjna Shah93.95
Alisa Phay93.90
Jackson Ng93.80
Renee Liang93.65
Preethi Kaur93.65
Winnie Pan93.65
Abdur Yunus93.60
Cathy Zhou93.55
Gia Tran93.45
Najeem Yari93.00
Arad Behdarvand93.00
Ragavi Jeyamohan93.00
Tony Park92.95
Tiffanie Liu92.90
Tammy Wong92.90
Alison Suherly92.75
Jeremiah Karimi92.70
Amanuel Woldemarian92.65
Henry Ma92.60
Jonathan Gafen92.60
Amanda Huynh92.55
Daniela Ankrah92.50
Senara Gunathilake92.50
Julie Pan92.40
Keertan Pather92.40
Nikita Bhatia92.40
Jessica Jayakumar92.25
Mary Truong92.25
Shulin Chen92.10
Trisha Hassan (C)92.10
Aditi Ramesh92.00
Alexander Lam92.00
Stephanie Jia92.00
Vineeth Rao92.00
Yuki Suzuki92.00
Rebecca Nguyen92.00
Kenneth Chan91.65
Michael Leow91.65
Christine Chen91.55
Samantha Lam91.30
Yaffa Jankovic91.25
Jessica Kim91.15
Rahul Ghatak91.00
Sonya Tirmzey91.00
Dragana Shokhirev90.80
Wilson Phung90.75
Ekamjeet Bassi90.70
Harnoor Kaur90.65
Aashini Patel90.60
Vincent Linsao90.60
Anna Duong90.55
Rong Qing Yu90.55
Alexander Yuen90.40
Rita Min90.30
Alyssa Baldicano90.30
Nicholas Liu90.20
Marvel Easho90.15
Alex Dihm90.10
Amrita Castgir90.10
David Nguyen90.05
Fereshta Zahak90.05
James Tran90.00

“Dux helped me stay competitive at school and helped improve my ranks. Dux helped my understanding of concepts and being ahead of school, really helps senior years. Dux has been fun and tutors have real high ability to engage and make learning entertaining. Although one thing I would like to improve is when we reach the final term at Dux, the trial paper that are sent home, should be done in class as in class test or exam and surprise test would help. Overall it’s been AWESOME!”

Chaitanya Tadikonda

Normanhurst Boys High School, 2016

“My tutor gave me good personalised advice on my exam technique, whilst having covered most of the syllabus several weeks before end of term. The class atmosphere was relaxing and structured notes were a good source to refer to and supplement goods.”

Ben Khabib

Girraween High School, 2016

“Before being a part of Dux College, I struggled tremendously with the subject I feared the most – Biology. After barely passing the preliminary year, I decided it was time to put my knuckles down and do something about it. My friend suggested Dux College and I sighed up almost immediately after reading about all the positive feedback from past students. My first lesson left me impressed, the classroom was actively involved in discussions and out tutor used a variety of teaching methods to ensue every student understood the topic completely. My ranks and marks have increased extensively, allowing me to obtain one of the highest marks for the trials. Thankyou Dux College!”

Eda Ince

Macarthur Girls High School, 2016

“Dux College has a positive learning environment where the tutors encourage you to continuously improve. My tutors in Maths, Economis and English were willing to clarify any topics I was unsure of, allowing me to gain a greater understanding of the subject, and thus gain better marks at school. The resources provided by Dux College were also very helpful in preparation for exams as each topic was covered in great detail. ”

Sabrina Singh

Baulkham Hills High School, 2015

“Dux College has helped me achieve the ranks need to attend a high ATAR. The tutors were very helpful, constantly aiding me when I struggle with my subject. My experience at Dux has been overwhelming as I enjoyed the class. My marks at school have improved since I joined. Thank you so much for the continued assistance!”

William Huynh

Homebush Boys High School, 2016

“The tutors at Dux are excellent at teaching the integral components of their subjects. Their competence boosted my marks in Chemistry, allowing me to excel beyond my greatest expectations. Not only that, but the classes are very enjoyable, enabling u to establish a great report with class mates and out tutors.”

Warren Tat

Sefton High School, 2016

“I enjoy coming to Dux College every week. Each week all my misconceptions are fixed and allow me to perform better against my peers. Dux College has improved my ranks in all my subjects that I attend here. Each week the trial examinations given here were helpful to improve my knowledge. Overall, Dux is awesome!”

Sanil Billimoria

Patrician Brothers College Blacktown, 2016/em>

Danny Deng99.95
Rahul Menon99.95
Sanjeet Kunwar99.80
Denise Xu99.75
Rhea Sharma99.70
Katharine Huynh99.65
Kimberly Walsh99.65
Kevin Song99.45
Vivian Nguyen99.45
Jennifer Lim99.40
Porter Wilson99.35
Wendy Wang99.35
Hasith Wijesekera99.25
Sandy Chau99.25
Warner Ang99.25
Samantha Dang99.15
Brian Lam99.10
Roger Au99.05
April Hoang99.05
Philip William Le99.05
Johnson Luo99.00
Nikhil Sud98.90
Samson Lee98.80
Sam Zakhem98.70
George Kim98.70
Larissa Khuu98.60
Alice Tang98.40
Oscar Liu98.40
Jason Macdonald98.30
Max Padley98.30
Shayan Omidi98.30
Deeksha Koul98.20
Leo Ji98.20
Jorge Vasquez98.20
Atishay Kumar98.15
Preeti Singh98.15
Wingqi Guo98.05
Paige Ainsley98.00
Kathleen Rome97.95
Ashish Nagesh97.90
Leonard Tsolkovski97.85
Chelsea Briot97.80
Ganesha Liyanage97.80
Michael Tanner97.50
Ronald Fernandez97.45
Tim Luo97.40
Sarah Johnson97.35
Rushil Athavale97.30
Yasmine Toufaili97.30
Harry Luo97.30
Shalvi Singh97.25
Mohammed Elsheik97.25
Kevin Park97.00
Cindy Sun96.85
Matthew Lee96.85
James Ma96.50
Nehal Chavan96.35
David Pires96.25
Terrey Park96.25
Sophia Huang96.10
Tevin Lau95.90
Timothy Oshea95.85
Sherry Chan95.60
Wuting Chen95.50
Jeffrey Yin95.25
Sanjoy Kunarawasam95.25
Komal Mal95.10
Harpreet Chahal95.00
Mahboba Mohibi94.75
Victoria Leung94.60
Prapti Pandya94.25
Hannah Brennan94.25
Aratrika Bose94.20
Sehjeet Singh94.05
Atiya Oomatia93.95
Kayshini Logeswaran93.90
Hayati Vyas93.80
Anita Weilam Ng93.75
Kainaat Syed93.50
Jimmy Hassett93.40
Sangee Karunakaran93.40
Shi Thu Tun93.30
Rahul Singh93.30
Sanchi Maheshwari93.30
Nikhil Nanganath93.25
Jacquiline Xu93.25
Kenjiro Makoto93.20
Ada Zeng93.00
Petar Majetic93.00
Raihan Zhafranata93.00
Young-Chan Kim93.00
Seulki Park92.85
Crystal Li92.75
Katherine Huang92.65
Christina Tam92.55
Anne Defreitas92.40
Surammay Nagar92.25
Srishti Aggarwal92.20
Jimmy Nguyen92.15
David Wang92.10
Veeraj Sharma (boy)92.00
Travis Wong92.00
Tristan David Bagnulo91.80
Eric Kim91.50
Joanne Vuong91.45
Bhumit Shah91.35
Penelope Franklin91.25
Sam Johnson91.20
Rahul Krishnakumar91.05
Jeremy Ng91.00
Calvin Dang90.95
Tiffany Nguyen90.85
Olivia Purchase90.80
Atchaya Senthilkumar90.75
Marianne Perez90.70
Jimmy Li90.55
Jose Cruz Gomez90.40
William Zhang90.35
Peter Mehajer90.30
Nicola Maruca90.25
Tommy Zhou90.15
Winnie Lam90.15
Ashley Bhim90.10
Zaid Ali90.00

“Attending Dux College in years 11 and 12 was one of the best decisions I made for my HSC. The tutors are not simply a fountain of knowledge, but are completely dedicated to ensuring each students weaknesses are targeted and improved. I appreciate Daniel for marking my essays (last minute) so thoroughly and shedding light and wisdom on the tribulations faced by year 12 students.”

Yasmine Toufaili

Amity College, 2015

“I am currently in my final weeks before HSC and Dux has been a valuable experience over the course of the year. The notes and trial papers to complete every week has given me correct HSC exam technique. The approach to HSC questions has allowed me to first understand the content comprehensively ad then allow me to apply this knowledge effectively to sculpt perfect exam responses.”

Rushil Athavale

Cherrybrook Technology High School, 2015

“Dux has been fantastic! I have had a wonderful time as each tutor was able to explain difficult concepts clearly in order to maximise my potential. Dux has been able to improve my marks and ranks at school. Thank you so much!”

Nicola Maruca

Our Lady of Mercy College, 2015

“What I enjoyed most about attending Dux College is that my tutor explained everything in clear detail. We went through many questions and she helped me with my responses to short answer questions and essays for Economics. The learning environment is great and I found it comfortable to ask questions. My marks and rank have greatly improved since coming to Dux College.”

Supipi Ranasinghe

Baulkham Hills High School, 2015

“Dux has helped me better my understanding in my core study topics greatly. Coupled with the excellent teaching and friendly environment, an improvement in learning and ranks is certain. Thank you to Echo and Sophia for being the wonderful teachers they are. Dux will give you an experience you won’t regret.”

Taran Sahota

Arthur Philip High School, 2015

“Dux College did help me with my biology marks and ranks as they progressively increased. My tutor was able to explain most of the difficult concepts clearly. Dux College is a friendly and great learning environment. My study habits have improved, my responses are more detailed with the Dux notes, and some teachers are excellent at engaging their students in class work and activities which built their confidence immensely. Thank you Ajay, Andrew and Bovani. Thank you Dux.”

Ami Surti

Macarthur Girls High School, 2015

“Since joining Dux, my marks have improved in my subjects. Echo was able to explain the difficult concepts and the notes for chemistry were helpful as well. Dux is a pretty chill environment and all the tutors are nice.”

Tevin Lau

Sefton High School, 2015

“Great tutors, enjoyable time and overall a great influence on improving my ranks. All my tutors were great! Teaching was great, explained clearly, and focuses on individual needs and hard concepts. Great place to go!”

Young-Chan Kim

Cherrybrook Technology High School. 2015

“My ranks improved since attending Dux. The tutor explained things well so I could understand the content. I really enjoyed my time here; there is an open and friendly environment.”

Smaranika Patel

Girraween High School, 2015

“Dux College has greatly helped me improve my understanding of the HSC physics course. My teacher was clear, concise and understanding which helped me continuously throughout the year.”

Sam Johnson

Fort Street High School, 2015

“Dux College has been an integral part of my HSC and has greatly benefited my academic performance.”

Jeffery Yin

Normanhurst Boys High School, 2015

“After attending Dux College, my motivation to study was significantly improved. Each of my tutors took their time to explain things slowly, carefully, and clearly so that I was able to understand and learn efficiently. My time here was enjoyable and definitely helped with both my marks and my ranks.”

Mayomi Kondasinghe

Girraween High School, 2015

Harishan Thirirajah99.95
Ian Liang99.9
Joanne Chen99.85
Kiran Chandrakumar99.8
Terry Jin99.8
Lena Wang99.75
Pei Lam99.75
Larry Chow99.3
Mitansh Jain99.1
Louise Parker99.1
Brendan Meng99.05
Patricia Caliwag99.05
Tushaar Garg99.05
Harold Da Silva99.05
Jonathan Lee99.05
Aditya Koneru98.95
Daniel Pires98.95
Giancarlo Fernandez98.95
Edward Jiang98.75
Daniel Pollard98.75
Kathryn Lee98.7
Thomas Zheng98.65
Joshua Brady98.45
James Nelson98.35
Alexander Nguyen98.25
Amanda Li98.25
Ronald Kim98.2
Jennifer Kim98.05
Amanda Chiam98
Helen Sun97.9
Samuel Tran97.9
Jose Lopez97.8
Angela Li97.6
Tony Chan97.55
Candy Luk97.3
Rhea Kalra97.2
Frances Lei97.2
Abhinaya Ratnabala97.1
Samantha Zhong96.8
Anand Rajagopal96.5
Urna Rahman96.4
Jasmin Trang96.3
Cameron McKenzie96.25
Jessica Wang96.25
Mahmoud Obeid96.25
Jasmine Ibrahim96.2
Emaad Khan96.1
Jessica Cheng96.05
Priya Gauchan95.9
Timothy Kim95.7
Martin Seysan95.6
Jorge Tagalog95.6
Gerald Real95.55
Venky Rajagopalan95.4
Tonny Ngo95.4
Abdoul Alhashimi95.4
Shivam Grover95.25
Celine Tran95.2
Abarna Rabichandran95.15
Shobana Bommireddipalli94.85
Gregory Pritchard94.8
Henry Sun94.75
Fatima Al-Hashimi94.6
Hamza Sajadi94.6
Anmol Gupta94.5
Nathan Wu94.4
Nuriye Gunler94.4
Thomas Brown94.4
Julian Benson94.1
Anica Perez94
Ghassoub Elassaad93.95
Derek Lui93.95
Helen Fung93.85
Emma Burnelek93.8
Madeline Carr93.8
Elton Samuel93.75
Daina Dai93.65
Ayush Agrawal93.55
Hope Velayo93.5
Rohit Goyal93.5
Julia Hernandez93.45
Harjap Singh Shergill93.15
Muddasir Tahir93.1
Mathumai Koneshwaran93
Ali Karam92.87
Mehak Katyal92.85
Shivani Jayasekaran92.85
Benjamin Tulam92.8
Khem Raj Kharel92.75
Jay Anand92.55
Ahmad Hammoud92.5
Harriette Smythe92.5
Yi Wei Shao92.4
Daoud Khoury92.4
Shivam Kalra91.7
Emily Leung91.5
James Li91.5
Joanna Fernando91.15
Marianne Catalan91.05
Jasmine Dhaliwal91
Nathaniel Bocks91
Eleanor Merrell90.9
Anthony Blajic90.65
Laura Evangelista90.5
Media Chen90.4
Laurentius Tjahjadi90.35
Isabella Ishac90.25
Tooba Moosani (girl)90.15
Florence Tam90.15
Anila Jacob90.1
Ramanan Srirathan90

“I had a very enjoyable time at Dux whilst also improving my knowledge and skills in maths. Both my tutor and the resources provided by Dux College assisted me greatly in boosting my ranks and marks at school. My tutor was able to express difficult mathematical concepts clearly and concisely while also maintaining a fun/exciting relationship. ”

Ahmad Hammoud
Parramatta High School, 2014

“Dux College has provided me with a safe learning environment helping me improve my ranks. In particular, the notes in the weekly HW booklets are a great supplement to textbooks provided by the school and the exam style questions help in refining long responses”

Anmol Gupta
Cherrybrook Tech, 2014

“Dux College greatly assisted with improving my marks and ranks in chemistry. The tutors were very friendly and approachable and were able to explain difficult concepts so I understand. I enjoyed my time at Dux College and would highly recommend it to new HSC students. ”

Hirari Hayashi
Castle Hill High School, 2014

“Attending tutoring for Advanced English at Dux College significantly boosted my English ranks as soon as I started in year 10. I ranked first place and continued to hold a top five ranking through to year 12. My tutor was highly dedicated and extremely passionate towards the subject which made the content much easier to learn. My level of writing improved immensely, as did my appreciation of literature.  ”

Isabella Ishac
St Patrick’s Marist College Dundas, 2014

“My tutors were able to teach the content well and in an engaging which had me looking forward to coming to tutoring every week. It was also a very good way to help me revise for exams.”

Jessica Wang
Girraween High School, 2014

“Dux is fun, and I enjoyed learning in an environment filled with other eager students who wish to learn. The teachers are great and also eager and fun and excited to teacher eagerly every day. I have eagerly improved my marks.”

Kenneth Hills
Girraween High school, 2014

“Through Dux College, I was able to definitely address concepts in a more clear and concise manner. I was able to gain a better understanding on the broad concepts. In saying this, my tutors were able to explain things very clearly. I have definitely enjoyed my time here, and I greatly appreciate the constant help.  ”

Laura Evangelista
St Patrick’s College Campelltown, 2014

“Dux College has helped me improve my marks in Chemistry and English. Especially in English, Daniel improved my marks considerable and was able to help me break down complex texts into simpler ideas and constructing better essays. David Lai was equally helpful in Chemistry explaining particularly in calculation and explaining complex concepts. My marks in both subjects have improved. ”

Pramir Kunwar
Cumberland High School, 2014

“Yes, I have improved significantly in my marks and Chemistry rankings. Yes, the environment is good for learning. I went from getting 70% to around high 80s or 90s in maths. In Chemistry, I am now coming 1st in the year.  ”

Proiya Gavchan
Birrong Girls High School, 2014

“My marks have improved greatly. With a great tutor, learning became a lot easier and even hard concepts were easier to learn.  ”

Richa Mistry
Macarthur Girls High School, 2014

“Yes, I have improved significantly in my marks and Chemistry rankings. Yes, the environment is good for learning. I went from getting 70% to around high 80s or 90s in maths. In Chemistry, I am now coming 1st in the year.  ”

Sai Yadla
Arthur Phillip High School, 2014

“Dux College has been more than just a tutoring service for me. Not only have my marks improved significantly, but the whole experience has been enjoyable. This made possible my tutor (Mr Taha), who’s great learning culture he created, enabled me to reach my potential. ”

Saul Caspary
Masada College, 2014

Kerry Shum99.85
Joanna Kim99.80
Robert Li99.65
Anqi Teng99.55
James Le99.25
Peter Chan99.25
Akhil Sud99.15
Rosylin Chen99.15
Judith Mogi99.10
Alan Cheng99.10
Minh Dieu Nguyen98.90
Rahul Sen98.65
Chuan Xu98.40
Kam Tien98.25
Mahmoud Alwan98.20
Andrew Wilson98.20
Dominique Flores98.00
Alpha Ma97.85
Angelique Jammal97.85
Matthew Trijula97.85
Zoe Lim97.60
Teresa Fischer97.40
Daniel Suharly97.20
Radha Krishna Kumar97.05
Vernon D’Souza97.00
Tarun James96.75
Japname Kang96.60
Chengyi Li96.50
Sharanya Sooriyakumaran96.50
Victor Nguyen96.35
Matt Shao96.30
Nitya Kaur96.20
Pretti Kumar96.15
Jasmin Hamade96.10
Thomas Malik96.10
Michael Singh96.10
Mohammed Beydoun96.10
Kareen Ng (C)96.05
Justin Wong95.80
Jason Chan95.65
Angela Mehta95.45
Bhavana Pillai95.20
Simon Ng95.10
Htet Htar Lwin95.00
Samantha Connell95.00
Ahmed Mansoor95.00
Aditi Chatterjee94.55
Archita Sreekumar94.50
Mohammed Hammoud94.45
Ishtar Mamandou94.40
Joe Majetic94.15
Hemna Govindaraju94.10
Melis Hurriyet94.00
Rebecca Chow94.00
Archana Sharma93.60
Katherine Choi93.30
Roger Szeto93.20
Minnie Zhu93.10
Ganga Ratnanayagam92.90
Amy Chandrasekhar92.40
Mehak Bakshi91.75
Ryan Taha91.70
Linda Taing91.65
Louis Lee91.35
Prapti Jayaraman91.30
Cherry Nguyen91.25
Tristan Darmalingam91.1
Cameron Nash90.85
Anish Jain90.65
Kareem Abdullah90.60
Sangeeta Raja90.25
Priya Das90.25
Aditi Shenoy90.00
Malaak Rima90.00

“I love Dux College because both the tutors and other students are very approachable and friendly. Dux College make an important note to focus on syllabus dot-points and this is crucial to ensuring maximum marks in school assessment tasksa nd the HSC exam”

Eric Windsor
Cherrybrook Technology High School 2013

“Dux College has helped my marks in Chemistry in which I was struggling with during the beginning of year 12. Mohan makes his classes interactive and interesting, and even the long 2 hours of the lesson seems too short. His way of teaching makes the Chemistry concepts easier to understand and remember, allowing me to enjoy Chemistry and the classes at Dux College. Also Mohan’s classes are different to the typical school classroom so it seems that he’s not only my tutor but also a friend. Thank you Mohan you da man! ”

Florence Hoang
Cheltanham Girls High School 2013

“Dux has been an extremely rewarding experience. Maths (2U) has helped me by furthering my knowledge beyond that of simply applying formulas. I have enjoyed my classes very much whilst gaining a quality education. Thank you! ”

Hemna Govindaraju
Strathfield Girls High School ,  2013

“Tutoring at Dux College was a fun, engaging and at times challenging experience. Concepts were explained clearly and concisely and have allowed me to accelerate in my studies. I highly recommend Dux – it is by far the best tutoring college.”

Ishtar Mamandou
Mary Mackillop Catholic College ,  2013

“Dux College has helped me improve at school through the teacher’s detailed and insightful explanations. The classes were fun and ejoyable. Any questiosn that I had were answered in good detail and this has helped me solidify my knowledge. ”

Kallen Doong
Homebush Boys High School ,  2013

“I enjoyed my time here because not only did I learn lots, I also had fun and received life lessons from my tutors. ”

Katrina Zhu
Toongabbie Christian School ,  2013

“Dux College helped me improve the quality of my answers which helped me gain better marks throughout the year. The teachers explained well and are very resourceful. ”

Mehak Bakshi
Cherrybrook Technology High School ,  2013

“Time at Dux helped deepen my knowledge of texts. All tutors were helpful and had interesting and alternative ways of communicating ideas about each text. During my time here, I enjoyed meeting different people while improving my skills in English Advanced.”

Natalija Cugalj
Picton High School ,  2013

“Dux helped me understand concepts in physics easier and quicker than at school. English has helped me and improved my essay writing skills as well as improving my vocabulary. ”

Tejas Gaikwad
Parramatta High School ,  2013

Sanjoy Jayaraman99.90
Derek Chen99.90
Damien Xie99.85
Alice Wu99.80
Minh Anh Tran99.70
Joe Wong99.25
Doris Xu98.95
Andrew Lagos98.85
Jessica Park98.50
Amit Sudhakar98.40
Kam Suen Kwan98.25
Sanjoy Mukherjee98.20
Yvonne Chan98.00
Shelley Chen97.35
Warran Tat97.20
Sandra Werdi97.00
Tania Ng96.65
Niousha Bahramrad96.45
Shahilan Arudselvan96.25
Bianca Blajic96.20
Cindy Huynh96.00
Kin Mun Khoo96.00
Steven Habib95.70
Adam Kharman95.65
Eric Zhuo95.65
Nigel Barrington95.15
Max Bailey94.95
Ronojoy Rayachaudhuri94.95
Rohil Kumar94.80
Caroline Bahous94.50
Kunal Goyal94.40
Anne Batshoun94.30
Millicent Que94.15
Yathushan Jeyaram93.25
Sabrina Fischer93.20
Merna Nino92.65
Naman Gupta92.25
Sarah Pearn91.80
Adam Longauer91.15
Kwo-Chieh lee91.05
Rohan Sudesh91.00
Jamesja Subachanbran90.50
Richal Dalal90.46
Hunni Shirmohammadi90.45

“Dux College has been a great help to me in both year 11 and 12, and has really helped me to improve a significant amount in both Mathematics and Chemistry. The small classroom environment meant that it was easy to ask for help and the tutors were able to explain concepts clearly. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and will really miss the people I’ve come to get to know over the past two years.”

Millicent Que
Baulkham Hills High School 201

“Dux helped with my ranks and marks as it provided a different perspective from school. The small class size help, as more room to question is available. Ahmad is an excellent tutor and never fails to aid understanding of difficult questions. Make parking free for future years. The notes are excellent.”

Nigel Barrington
Freeman Catholic College 2012

“Yes, Ahmad is a great tutor; he knows his information, answers questions supremely. Yes, I personally had a great time, was great meeting new people and learning new stuff. Yes, my marks have improved, I feel as though I know more for any given answer. CHEERS! ”

Paul Martin
St. Marys 2012

“Joining the 4u Dux College class has improved my marks and has allowed me to constantly attempt a range of different questions. Ahmad has explained the 4u course very well and is very helpful in solving the problems. It was also an enjoyable class with Ahmad giving us life lessons as well as helping us with school work.”

Richa Dalal
Arthur Philip High School ,  2012

“Yes, Dux College improved my marks by 20 marks. Yes, Jason is amazing. He knows so much and is approachable and always there to help me understand hard concepts.”

Rooty Hill High School ,  2012

“Dux College has helped my with a lot with my marks and ranks during my HSC year by supplementing my knowledge in the Physics course. My tutor was able to explain things clearly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. <3 I LOOVVEE PHYSICS TUTORING! ”

Cassy Wong
Fort Street High School ,  2012

“Dux College has done wonders to my rank. The tutors are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate all the hard work and effort the tutors put into every lesson I could feel myself improving. The feedback from the tutors is really helpful. I strongly recommend choosing Dux College. ”

Eshna Sewak
Tara Anglican School for Girls ,  2012

“My ranks and marks have improved with Ruben as my tutor. The lessons were enjoyable and Chemistry is now one of my preferred subjects.”

Kwo-Chien Lee
Sefton High School ,  2012

Daniel Xue99.80
Amogh Sarda99.70
Edmond Abdou99.65
Natasha Prakash98.75
Kevin Song98.65
Jollan Zheng98.55
Dylan Amali98.55
Robert Skoczylas98.30
Winsome Ng98.20
Kanaysha Thivagarupan98.20
Janaki Patel97.90
Kylie Sengmany97.75
Vivien Chen97.60
Stephen Rattanaxay97.00
Jason Truong96.75
Robert Schroder96.45
Ellen Parker96.40
Dilasha Kumar95.20
Renee Ye95.00
Amanda Lu94.80
Mona Hariri94.50
Yasmin Adam94.10
Shabnam Pathan93.70
Sharika Deo93.60
Hasan Tahir93.20
Justine Lai93.00
Aldo Nicoletti93.00
Jeffery Lu92.70
Anycie Coorey92.60
Rayan Chermand92.45
Himanth Murthy90.50
Alan Truong90.25
Parth Patel90.20
Mozamil Sharaf90.20
Sandra Ye90.00

“Dux College is good, the teachers are good and helpful. The course materials provide really good dot points of each of the topics and they’re very helpful for us for revision. After coming to Dux, my marks and ranks have greatly improved.”

Alex Liu
Broughton Anglican College 2011

“Each class I attended were both engaging and informative. I have learnt more over the past year at Dux College than at school. I also have dramatically improved in my subjects evident in my results for assessment tasks. Thank you for putting the time and effort in answering each of my questions!”

Bernadette Sidonie
Our Lady of Mercy College 2011

“Physics at Dux was an enjoyable and educational system of learning! Everything is explained clearly and integrated with experiments.”

Bronwyn Allan
Tangara School for Girls 2011

“ Even though I have only been here a few weeks, I have found the lessons to be very helpful – especially filling gaps that I have missed. The tutors are very helpful & knowledgeable and are very easy to get on with. I would highly recommend Dux College to every Yr12 student.”

Charles Redman
Rouse Hill Anglican College 2011

“The majority of my mathematical understanding comes from Dux College. I have learnt so much in the past year from the wonderful tutors and programs available there; as a result my marks have improved and I feel more confident in exams. Dux College is very professional and well organised with a relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Visnja Jaksic
Catherine McAuley ,  2011

“Lessons were fun and engaging. As the classes were smaller, it gives you the opportunity to contribute more and ask more questions. The teachers are really polite and helpful in that they will gladly assist you during class if you have any problems. The notes were concise and very exam relevant meaning they cover each dot point very well. Homework was the best part as all the questions were in exam-style.”

Karisma Ram
Macarthur Girls High School ,  2011

Vivian Ho99.85
Angela Au99.80
Victor Lim99.30
Cindy Huynh99.30
Parul Garg99.30
Teresa Tran99.25
Amanda Lu98.40
Vivien Tran98.10
David Yin97.75
Amalina Abu-Bakar97.75
Fiona Zhang97.55
Jimmy Zhou97.00
Anna Tan96.20
David Lai95.60
Sandra Nguyen95.45
Carly Tse93.00
Patty Chan92.40
Linda Lu92.00
Jessica Chow91.15
Gloria Chan90.70
Osama Elias90.20
Prav Kumar90.00

“I found my tutor very helpful and easy to understand. The teaching style he incorporated was fun, as well as being very comprehensive. The study notes given to me helped my school marks increase.”

Ivan Beric
Chatswood High School 2010

“The lessons were well organised, and engaging. My teacher was great as he not only made the work really easy to understand but also made each and every lesson very enjoyable. My rankings in maths have improved since coming here and I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking the subject!”

Jess Chow
Carlingford High School 2010

“I found the example questions harder than our school tests so it was good to try both. The methods taught at Dux College were also easier to use than the ones taught at school.”

Kirsten Miller
St Patricks College Campbelltown 2010

“My class teacher is a lovely teacher who will repeat the explanation as much as we want. The style if teaching was powerful, and my marks have increased after coming to Dux College. ”

Mariam Abdal
Mary Mackillop College 2010

“The classes are really small and allow the teacher to focus on everyone, which I found to be very important. Each lesson is organised in a simple and structured manner, making it very enjoyable and worthwhile. ”

Gloria Chan
All Saints Catholic Senior College ,  2010

“The tutors make the content seem more interesting. The classes are interesting and full of information. The notes that are given out each lesson are helpful as a revision tool. Dux College’s tutors have helped improve my marks and ranks dramatically. The tutors are good and positive and always cheerful. Their exam-style homework and practice exam classes helped significantly when my trial HSC came along.”

Cassandra Chard
Thomas Hassall Anglican College ,  2010