Dux College Online

Unable to attend face-to-face classes?

That is why Dux online tutoring makes tutoring accessible for students regardless of location and circumstance. This allows students to learn from anywhere and everywhere whether this be from rural locations or simply from the comfort of the students’ home.

Attend the same weekly classes online with an identical level of interaction and support as our face to face lessons. Our job is to maximise our students’ ATAR by improving their knowledge and performance in exams through structured online lessons and resources. Access content, tutorials and individualised support from our tutors from anywhere online.


Comprehensive Online Learning

Our online classes are easy to understand and participate in. Students access all materials used in their weekly classes through an online portal. They then follow along with a live and interactive tutorial in small groups which allows the tutor to give each student individualised attention.


High Quality Course Materials

Our syllabus centric course content is delivered through weekly online booklets. These thoroughly explain all concepts covered in each class, include homework for each week. Homework is set out in exam-style format, building familiarity and confidence. This is then submitted online to be marked with HSC-style marking criteria, along with feedback each week, by their class tutors.


Exam Relevance

In addition to theory, a large focus is placed on exam technique in all our courses. Whether it’s proper essay structuring in English, or useful shortcuts in Maths, we pass on a heap of experience to our students that cannot be found in textbooks. Every situation is always framed in terms of what is necessary to achieve a band 6 mark.

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