HSC Physics tutoring - Year 12

HSC Physics tutoring at Dux College covers all core topics Advanced Mechanics, Electromagnetism, The Nature of Light and From the Universe to the Atom. We also focus on assessment techniques – we teach our students how to structure responses for all types of assessment situations. Increase your marks and ranks with our support!

Year 12 Physics Course Overview

Our Year 12 HSC Physics tutoring program begins at the beginning of Term 4 of each year and runs up to the end of Term 3 the following year, just before the external HSC exams. The HSC Physics tutoring program continues from our Year 11 Physics program and equips HSC Physics students with the skills and confidence they need to improve their ranks and marks at school and achieve a band 6 result.

This course is ideal for:

  • Students who are intending to or are doing HSC Physics
  • Year 12 Physics students wanting to improve ranks and marks at school
  • Students who were in the Year 11 Physics tutoring program

2 hour weekly lessons + 1 hour weekly Workshop Tutorial


Tutoring course materials (concept explanations, summaries, study notes, example questions, worked solutions and exam-style homework) are provided each week in the form of a theory and homework booklet


Tutoring homework is expected to be completed and will be fully marked each week, with comments detailing every point of improvement


Free ongoing Workshop Tutorial support


Free online homework help


Topic Tests administered at the end of each major topic, with marks and vital statistics reported in the End of Term report


Online access to our repository of physics resources, exam papers with solutions and course summaries

Course structure

2 hour Lesson


1 hour Workshop

Per week

Class Times



Saturdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Sundays 11:00am – 1:00pm


Workshop Tutorials

Saturdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Sundays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Bondi Junction


One-on-one only



First-hand Investigations

Did you know all HSC Physics students will eventually have at least one practical skills assessment that counts anywhere from 15% to 30% toward their total HSC internal assessment? Our year 12 Physics tutoring program not only covers the theoretical content of the HSC Syllabus, but also covers all practical skills outcomes and first-hand investigation sections.

We fully prepare our students for their year 12 Physics practical exams!

Topics Scheduled

Our schedule of topics may vary as we may modify our course year to year for continual improvement – below is a representation based on past years.

Term 4

October – December

W1 Advanced Mechanics

W2 Advanced Mechanics

W3 Advanced Mechanics

W4 Advanced Mechanics

W5 Practical Investigations

W6 Module Assessment

W7 Electromagnetism

W8 Electromagnetism

W9 Electromagnetism

W10 Electromagnetism

Term 1

January – March

W1 Electromagnetism

W2 Electromagnetism

W3 Electromagnetism

W4 Electromagnetism

W5 Practical Investigations

W6 Module Assessment

W7 The Nature of Light

W8 The Nature of Light

W9 The Nature of Light

W10 The Nature of Light

Term 2

April – June

W1 The Nature of Light

W2 The Nature of Light

W3 The Nature of Light

W4 The Nature of Light

W5 The Nature of Light

W6 Module Assessment

W7 From the Universe to the Atom

W8 From the Universe to the Atom

W9 From the Universe to the Atom

W10 From the Universe to the Atom

W11 From the Universe to the Atom

Term 3

July – September

W1 From the Universe to the Atom

W2 From the Universe to the Atom

W3 From the Universe to the Atom

W4 From the Universe to the Atom

W5 HSC Exam Preparation

W6 HSC Exam Preparation

W7 HSC Exam Preparation

W8 HSC Exam Preparation

W9 HSC Exam Preparation

W10 HSC Exam Preparation

W11 HSC Exam Preparation

Depth Study – extra help

Our HSC Physics course will cover all syllabus content and outcomes, preparing students for all exams. While this is enough for most students, some students want extra help with their Depth Study, which is a once-a-year large assessment task that counts for up to 40% of the overall mark.

For enrolled students, we can arrange a one on one tutor to assist with a depth study, from planning, designing the first-hand investigation, and editing the assignment before submitting. Once you receive your assessment notification, please email us for a quote for depth study assistance.

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