How to remain productive after school



Do you ever come home from a long busy day at school feeling unmotivated to do homework or study? Well, many of us have been in that position before. We are going to give you some tips on how to increase efficiency and remain productive after school.

1. Clean up your workspace

It is important to be in an environment that is clean and organised so that you do not feel any stress. Having a clean work environment will stop you from having any distractions during your study session.

2. Avoid social media

Social media is very distracting when it comes time to studying. Give yourself some time before studying to go on and check social media. Once that time is up, put your phone away from you so that you don’t get distracting. If you have taken photos of notes on your phone, copy them over to your laptop or computer first to avoid being distracted.

3. Start with tasks that you enjoy the most

Getting started is the hardest challenge. A way to overcome this lack of motivation is to start off with the easier tasks or the tasks that you enjoy the most. Getting those tasks done first will give you a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to tackle the harder tasks that needs to be completed.

4. Study efficiently

The way you approach studying is extremely important. Figure out which tasks require the most time and effort and put your focus to those. Do not waste your time working on tasks th
at you do not understand. Make of note of what is difficult and save those questions for your teacher the next lesson.

5. Check your ‘to do’ list

Make sure you are aware of what needs to be done today. Check your diary and see how much homework you have and what exams or assignments are coming up. Follow each task that needs to be completed.


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