How to improve your problem-solving skills?


How to improve your problem-solving skills?

Some handy tips to help you improve your problem-solving skills.

Focus on the solution and not the problem

  • When encountering complex problems, change your mindset so that you are working towards a solution. Don’t dwell on the problem but instead, focus on the different solutions that can solve the problem.

Simplify the problem

  • Reading through problems, it’s best to simplify it. Break down the problem into much smaller steps and then take on each step one at a time. This allows you to clearly see what the question is about and how the problem can be solved.

Think outside the box

  • Sometimes the answers are never directly in front of you. When dealing with complex challenging problems, take a step back to analyse what the question is really asking. From there, think of solutions that are not conventional and expand your thoughts.

These are just some tips to help you!



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