Guide to Year 11 Mathematics Standard 2018



Students who intend to study the Mathematics Standard 2 course in Year 12 must study all Mathematics Standard Year 11 course content.

How is the new syllabus different?

Under the new syllabus, there’s a greater emphasis on the application of mathematics compelling students to solve problems regarding the needs of the present and future (such as to meet the needs of an increasingly STEM-focused workforce) as well as to be able to communicate it succinctly and systematically. This is achieved by

  • New Assessment Practices:
    • mandatory components and weightings for both Year 11 and Year 12 courses
    • a maximum limit of formal assessment tasks (Year 11 – Three & Year 12 – Four)
    • a maximum limit of one formal written examination task that emulate the HSC
  • Content Changes:
    • Topics such as ‘Similar figures & trigonometry’ & ‘Investing money’ are no longer taught and are replaced with new topics.

Syllabus Structure

Both the Year 11 & 12 course comprises of four Topics, with each topic being divided into Subtopics. The Year 12 Course has an additional Topic of Networks.

Year 11

Topic: Algebra

  • Formulae and Equations
  • Linear Relationships

Topic: Measurement

  • Applications of Measurement
  • Working with Time

Topic: Financial Mathematics

  • Money Matters

Topic: Statistical Analysis

  • Data Analysis
  • Relative Frequency and Probability

Year 12

Topic: Algebra

  • Types of Relationships

Topic: Measurement

  • Non-right-angled Trigonometry
  • Rates and Ratios

Topic: Financial Mathematics

  • Investments and Loans
  • Annuities

Topic: Statistical Analysis

  • Bivariate Data Analysis
  • The Normal Distribution

Topic: Networks

  • Network Concepts
  • Critical Path Analysis
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