Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dux College?

Our dedication to quality teaching focuses on producing genuine understanding in our students. We also cover exam technique in depth, including how to structure your answers for maximum marks. We provide:

  • We employ state ranking tutors to run our classes and workshops – this means our students learn efficiently and effectively with the goal of maximising exam marks
  • Weekly classes where our teachers comprehensively cover all relevant theory and exam technique
  • Comprehensive approach to teaching which ensures students understand the underlying principles and don’t need to rely on memorisation
  • Focus on exam execution skills and structuring answers to receive full marks, regardless of question complexity
  • After-hour support from our tutors who are happy to provide homework assistance
  • Revision / exam preparation classes leading up to end of the term

What is included in the Term Course?

Our Term Course consists of attending a weekly 2 hour lesson. In each lesson, you’ll be given a booklet containing the course materials which detail exactly what you need to know for your assessments and exams (always within the scope of the syllabus).

Students are also required to attend a 1 hour workshop where they receive individualised assistance with their homework, schoolwork, assessment tasks or essays.

Each week’s booklet also contains exam style homework. It’s important to practice on exam-style homework throughout the year as there’s a big difference in the way questions are asked in textbooks and in actual exams and in the HSC. Therefore, early and persistent exposure to exam-style questions provide the best long term preparation for the HSC.

We provide module exams and / or quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce / consolidate knowledge regularly. We also provide a series of practice exams before each major assessment period (half yearlies, trial exams, external HSC exams etc) so students can continually sharpen their exam technique throughout the year.

Who are your tutors?

Dux College employs a strong academic team consisting of state ranking tutors with an extremely high ATAR, or current high school teachers who are experienced with HSC marking and/or curriculum design. In addition to being tutors to our students, they act as role models, showing our students where their future could lead with the right guidance and effort.

Our tutors are all excellent communicators, able to break down complex concepts into its components in a way first-time learners can grasp on a level of genuine understanding.

Our tutors provide focused guidance on exactly what they need to know and how to perform in exams in order to maximise their exam marks.

What is exam technique and why is it important?

Knowing the content is just as important as knowing how to apply your knowledge to all types of exam questions – our teaching philosophy encompasses both in order to produce successful HSC students. In short, exam technique means our students learn the best approach to every type of exam situation / every type of exam question, or the shortcuts and tricks in every topic.

For example, there are always ‘a better way’ (or multiple ways) to every topic in maths. In sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) students learn how to craft answers according to the marking criteria. Students also gain a strong understanding of all the HSC keywords (identify, explain, discuss, assess, evaluate etc) so they can craft full-mark responses reliably. For English, students learn how to systematically break a complex task down into its component tasks to ensure they get as many marks as possible.

The top students (who get 95+ in their HSC mark) are masters at exam technique as well as the subject content. We help you get there.

How do I know if my child is improving?

At the end of each term, Dux College sends out a report to all parents with details on their child’s progress, including all their assessment marks for the practice exams we’ve set for them.

At the end of each term, we conduct a Term Test to test every topic covered in that term. This test will be in the same format as the real HSC exam, so this provides students with good practice. The exam mark and student rank will be provided in the report, along with individualised teacher comments on overall assessment performance.

What is your homework policy?

We treat our students like adults who are responsible for their own education. With this perspective, we provide a framework of encouraging and ensuring their accountability by monitoring their progress closely. If a student struggles to submit homework on time or of acceptable standard, we approach them with extra support such as helping them outside of class hours. We also keep parents informed of problematic cases.

Our students understand that the whole point of tutoring is to learn ahead, and with that said, our programs are designed to make school homework seem like revision. In our experience, our students tend to find school homework much easier than tutoring homework, and they prefer more challenging exercises.

Do you offer one on one tutoring?

Generally no. From time to time we arrange one on one for our students who are enrolled in our classes but for some reason need extra help.

We do not offer one on one to students who are not currently enrolled in one of our classes.

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How well do your previous students do?

In past years, 81% of our students achieved ATARs of over 90. The median ATAR for our Maths Extension 2 class has hovered around 99.30 in past years. Over 74% of our students score Band 6 / E4 in their subjects enrolled with us. View our testimonials to see what some of our past students have had to say about our tutoring services.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, Dux College currently offers academic scholarships to exceptional students who require additional tailored guidance to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

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Do I need to buy anything else?

No, you won’t need to buy anythiing else (books etc). All materials and coursework will be provided to you. As a student, you will also gain access to our collection of past papers and theory notes.

Are there any hidden fees and charges?


No joining fees, no admininstration fees, nothing silly like that. Just one term fee each term.

See our fees page

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Parramatta and Bondi Junction. Please see our locations page.

How do I join Dux College?

In order to become a student of Dux College, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Book and attend your free trial lesson
  2. After attending your free trial lesson, decide if you wish to enrol for the term
  3. If you’re happy to join, make an account with us
  4. We will send you an invoice via email for your first term’s fees
  5. Attend your next class and pay your fees on or before this day
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