So you’ve finished the HSC


The clock ticked down to the final seconds. You scribbled rapidly whatever that comes out of your mind in the hopes that the markers will at least give you a few marks.

“Pens down!”

A sigh of relief can be felt while you stretch your legs. Congratulations on finishing your final HSC exam and completing High School! But now, where to from here….?

A long four months ahead…

It is great to know that you finally have almost all the time in the world to do nothing and yes you earned it! However, trust me on this, doing just two weeks of nothing will definitely make you wish you have a routine again so you ask what’s the best way to spend your summer break?


For many of us, we dream of completing the HSC so we can progress onto university to study in our selected course that we’re so passionate and worked hard for. To prepare for this new experience, I highly recommend that you visit your selected university’s website and browse for upcoming events. In the case the advertised events don’t interest you, I suggest you follow your department’s websites or follow their social media page. Facebook, for example, will notify you of newly released events such as social gatherings or seminars.

When O-Week hits, visit every campus you can and grab many of the freebies. You would often find that there’s societies that are not available to your own campus. The great benefit about these societies is that it is a neat and convenient way to meet like-minded people. However, I highly recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just societies you’re interested in; go beyond your comfort zone and try societies that you may at first deemed not to your likening – You never know; it might change your mind. By experiencing a variety of different societies, it will allow an enriching experience to self-develop such as your character/personality and save your sanity from the upcoming routine of readings, lectures and tutorials.

Other than making great friends (often times, they are for life!), you build a network that allows you a way of hearing about new opportunities such as job vacancies.


As mentioned before, doing nothing for two weeks may be fun at first but it will eventually become a bit of a drag. To make great productive use of your break, I highly recommend that you go out looking for a job. There are any great reasons on doing so. First off, you gain cash to stock up on all those Maccas run. However, when you start your university career, you’ll come to realise that you have many wants and desires but limited time to work to save up for those. It’s best to start saving now since you’re not constrained by such commitments. Secondly, you can’t expect that your compulsory work placement in your course will cut it for you to gain a job immediately. Starting now is a great way of showing that you’re a responsible person, willing to take initiative and possessing long-term thinking while others leave it to last. Now, you may ask, how do I find these jobs. Lucky for you, the time you finish your HSC is ripe with job opportunities as employers demand greater labour for the upcoming Christmas season. The obvious place to look is online job websites like Seek or if you feel like a bit of exploring, head to numerous suburb’s business centre and you’ll bound to see signs calling your name. Often times, fantastic job opportunities are not advertised in the papers but are made known by word of mouth. This is where the societies come in handy. Not only will they inform you of any vacancies, they’re also develop you to become prepared such as what to questions to expect, what to wear to the interview or how to make a lasting impression. For those who finally obtained a job or already have one, much can be gained if you’re willing to think outside the boundaries of your work duties. For example, the skills and values you inherit can be valuable for scholarship applications (More Money!!!).

So stop reading this and go out and make your move!

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