Exam preparation strategies


Preparing for exams can be challenging and stressful. We have prepared examination strategies to make sure you’re more confident and prepared.

1. Make a study plan

  • Having a study plan can help you overcome the large amounts of tasks that you need to complete. Planning tasks ahead allows you to visualise all the tasks and see what needs to completed and when it should be done by. Study plans help you avoid cramming everything in the final days before the actual exam.

2. Organise your notes

  • When organising your notes, make a list of areas you need to know in each subject and write down the main headings and subheadings. You should add extra material from additional readings into your own notes. It’s important to underline, highlight and write extra comments into your notes to emphasise the ideas of each part.

3. Practice questions

  • When you have revised through your notes, attempting practice questions will help you be more aware of the types of questions that could potentially show up in the exam. Practicing on past questions will help you see which topics that you are struggling with so you can revise further.
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