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Dux College is a results-driven tutoring centre in Sydney. Our English tutors have helped thousands of students in Sydney to improve their performance in the HSC. To find out how we can help you accomplish your goals call (02) 8007 6824 or book your free trial lesson today!

HSC English Tutoring – Dux College Sydney

English tutoring at Dux College helps students improve their abilities in creative writing, essay writing and understanding literature in preparation for the HSC. All of our programmes are supported by the most qualified English tutors in Sydney. Our tutors have all been state ranked, having achieved a Band 6 in English. Our English tutors can also help improve your understanding of the English language through our comprehensive and thoroughly rewarding English course.


English tutors at Dux College prepare students for Band 6 results. We have specialised materials that facilitate skills and assist with the development of key abilities in the writing of essays and creating high quality narrative pieces in preparation for the HSC. We also provide students with tips to achieve a Band 6 through our usage of HSC style practice papers.

Our English tutors provide a tutoring service tailored to each student’s goals. Our English tutoring is designed to complement the HSC syllabus and entire NSW high school curriculum. Our English tutors will work with students for upcoming exams and provide highly regarded feedback on practice essays so that they are prepared for English exams and assignments throughout the school year.

Dux College employs tutors that have ranked in the top of the state for English, enabling our tutors to share their highly specialised knowledge of the English syllabus through student exposure to tests and exam-style questions. The unparalleled work ethic of our tutors is infectious and reflects in the students that attend Dux College as they prepare for school assessments and the HSC.

HSC English tutoring at Dux College has a different and interactive approach because we understand how difficult a big class can be when compared to more compact groups of students. Our small class sizes enable our English tutors to invest significant amounts of time into each every student, personalising their Dux College experience with an individualised approach to learning.

All of our English tutors are qualified professionals with years of experience and they are selected on their academic background, skill level, motivation and reliability. Furthermore, after being shortlisted, all English tutors will undergo a strict and extensive training procedure to further improve their teaching skills and ensure each student gets the highest quality learning experience.


What we offer?

  • Weekly English lessons provided by the best English tutors in Sydney.
  • Full English tutoring materials including concept explanations, summaries, example questions and homework are provided each week.
  • English tutors of the highest calibre and with significant academic background.
  • Small classes which give students a one-on-one experience with their English tutor.
  • Homework checking by our tutor who will mark each student’s homework and give detailed feedback on improvement.
  • Assessments that are conducted and marked by our tutors.
  • Free homework assistance available online.
  • Full access to a large repository of resources: from exam papers to Band 6 essays, students can download thousands of exams with solutions and study guides.
  • Review lessons and practice tests before every major assessment.

Professional English tutor in Sydney – Dux College

Dux College tutors are amongst the best in their line of work. All our tutors are excellent communicators with years of teaching experience. Before being selected as one of Dux College English tutors, all are thoroughly checked and selected based on their academic background, with a large majority being state-ranked in English. Here at Dux College, our English tutors provide services to assist you in maximising the ATAR of each and every student by improving their knowledge and performance in assessments.

At Dux College, we’ll help you achieve your desired English mark.

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