Distance Education Assistance

Live too far? We can still help

We’ve developed a Distance Learning¬†Program to assist students that live too far from one of our centres.

The Program ensures students still cover the required syllabus content and outcomes, but has the added advantage of being customisable to the student’s immediate needs in terms of where they are up to in their study. The Program involves:

  1. Course Materials are express posted out to your location, along with reply-paid express postage envelopes for weekly homework submissions. They’re marked and returned with feedback, and additional feedback via email or phone
  2. We also mark assignments before students submit them to school – see our marking service
  3. We can put you in touch with a local tutor who can assist face to face with the Course Materials if needed


For a standard term, the following fees are charged for our Distance Learning Program:

Year 9: $357 per subject

Year 10: $379 per subject

Year 11: $401 per subject

Year 12: $446 per subject

This fee will cover our Course Materials for the term, all necessary marking and support for the content in the Materials for the duration of the term.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to go ahead.

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