Courses Years 9 - 12

Year 9

Our year 9 tutoring programs give students a strong foundation of skills and knowledge with a focus on the long term goal of HSC success.

Year 10

Our year 10 tutoring programs equip students with the skills and confidence enabling them to choose higher scaling subjects in year 11. This is a very important step towards HSC success, and our year 10 programs are developed with this goal in mind.

Year 11

Our year 11 tutoring programs give students a strong foundation of skills and knowledge with a focus on HSC and exam relevance. We give Preliminary students early exposure to exam-style questions through homework and practice exams, in addition to comprehensively covering all Preliminary syllabus content and outcomes.

Year 12

Our year 12 tutoring programs prepare students for their assessments and exams throughout their final HSC year. All syllabus content is covered comprehensively, with a strong focus on exam technique, giving students the best chance at achieving a band 6 / E4 result and maximising their ATAR.


Online tutoring

We offer tutoring either in person or online. For in-person tutoring, book a free trial lesson. For online tutoring, click here for more information


Lesson Structure

Weekly lessons are 2 hours each* per subject. During the lesson, the tutor covers theory, example questions and relevant exam technique. All syllabus requirements are covered with a focus on exam-relevance.

*Mathematics Extension II is 3 hours per week – all other subjects 2 hours per week.


Small Class Sizes

Our typical class size is 6 to 12 students, allowing individual attention to be given to each student. Our tutors are closely aware of each individual students’ progress, strengths and weaknesses.


Workshop Tutorials

All enrolled students are required to attend their weekly 1 hour Workshop Tutorial for each subject they’re enrolled in. Workshops are an opportunity for students to receive homework help, assistance with school assignments, clarifying difficult concepts covered in class, or catch up for missed lessons.

Learn more here.


Reports and Progress Tracking

We provide parents with access to our online system where they can track their child’s attendance, homework completion, exam scores and general feedback from the tutor. We produce an End of Term report detailing all metrics of a student’s achievement for the term, with a focus on providing actionable and practical advice for the student’s continual improvement.


Course Material

Our students receive comprehensive study materials each week, detailing all content covered in class. These materials go into the right amount of detail for each syllabus dot-point, giving students an effective and efficient tool for reviewing content before exams.

Students also receive homework each week, structured in the same way as their HSC exams will be, giving students early and continual exposure to HSC exam-style questions. All homework is marked each week by their class tutor according to HSC style marking criteria, and comments are provided where a student does not receive full marks.


State Ranking Tutors

Our tutors are among the top of the state – we exclusively hire tutors that have attained a state rank in subject(s) they teach with us (meaning top 10 in NSW – subject rank), and have extensive teaching experience. Our young tutors can relate closely to the student experience and deliver their lessons in a way that addresses the specific and often unspoken concerns of young students.

We consider state ranking tutors to be superior to the typical school teacher as they have the precise knowledge of how to cater to a variety of exam conditions and unknown marker preferences, and they replicate the factors of their success onto our students.


Online Support

Our students have access to our online system where they can post questions for our tutors to answer. It can be as easy as using their phone to upload a photo of a question they need help with. Our forums are monitored by our tutors and students can receive quick and responsive help without having to wait for their next class.

Our students also have access to our repository of practice exams with solutions, course summaries, sample essays and other resources.

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