Buying Course Materials

We do not sell our materials separately to the public (includes theory booklets, homework booklets, supplementary notes and practice HSC exam papers). However, we do offer our materials to our existing students.

Under what circumstances can students purchase course materials individually?

Course materials are included in the regular tuition program. Students receive all the necessary notes and homework for the courses they do, each week, as they come to class. Sometimes, if students join us in the middle of the year, or after we have completed several modules / topics, they may request us to provide them with the course materials for the modules / topics they missed. In this case, we are happy to provide course materials, subject to the following conditions:

  1. We will provide one copy or set of materials per student
  2. Student must have paid for at least one term in full (at least 8 weeks in duration)
  3. Students may only buy course materials for the subject(s) they are enrolled in, and have paid for
  4. Students agree not to distribute or make copies of our course materials


Booklets cost $5 per week of course material, including homework.

Extra cost for marking services

If you buy course materials of past modules / topics, and would like to complete the homework or practice exams, we can mark your work for you. Your work will be marked by our usual class teachers, so the quality of marking and comments will be high. The cost of homework marking is:

  • $11 per weekly homework booklet, for all subjects
  • $22 per practice exam (e.g. end of module exam)

School teachers

Dux College is able to licence our Course Materials to schools and school teachers to assist with their classroom programs. Licence fees depend on the scope, duration and application – please email Hong for pricing information – we are mindful of, and can work within your faculty budget.

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