Module B – How to write a Band 6 Essay

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Module B – How to write a Band 6 Essay

This is a study guide on how to write a band 6 essay in Module B. Dux College will provide the students with the structure of a Module B essay and a sample question to familiarise the students. Dux College will give a detailed explanation of each section, so the students can confidently write a band 6 essay.


In Module B you are only required to write about your prescribed text, thus you’ll be playing around with more words which will allow you to delve into a more detailed exploration of the ideas and issues which your text may address. In this essay you should aim for three strong body paragraphs centred around three strong ideas that you have drawn from the text in relation to the question. You could possibly write four body paragraphs if you wish, however you may be sacrificing quality over quantity. Three body paragraphs will force you to engage in a deeper discussion about your chosen ideas and take the time to craft more sophisticated and detailed arguments. If you are doing poetry or non-fiction, this structure may change slightly as you may need to refer to two texts under the sub-headings – in this case, aim for four paragraphs.

General Sample Mod B Essay Structure

2015 HSC English Advanced Hamlet Module B question

Shakespeare’s Hamlet has been described as ‘a bleak portrait of a world in which the balance has been disturbed’.

To what extent does this perspective align with your understanding of Hamlet?

In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text.


  • Present a thesis statement.
  • Answer the question and outline your personal understanding of the text.
  • Introduce the main ideas that you will address in the body of the essay.

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” addresses inherent human insecurities and poses questions about the state of existence in face of uncertainty and depravity. The perspective that Hamlet conveys a desolate portrait of a world in which balance has been disturbed, aligns to a large extent with my understanding of the play. Through a depiction of decaying morality stemming from the self-serving pursuit for power, the pressing anxieties surrounding questions of mortality and the internal struggles associated with doubt and revenge, Shakespeare presents a multifaceted exploration of the darker aspects of human nature. However, it is this very humanness that “Hamlet” encapsulates which seeks to remind us of our own fallibilities. Through the illustration of the flaws and imperfections of the characters within the perverted balance of the social and political landscape of the play, Shakespeare confronts us with searing reflection of human weakness and a portrayal of the intricacies of the human condition.

Body Paragraphs

Body 1

Topic sentence: “Hamlet” indeed reflects a portrait of bleakness which embodies a world in which balance has been corrupted, as it portrays the decay of morality caused by the self-serving desire to gain undeserved power.

  • You would then go on to flesh out the main idea in your topic sentence (decay of morality through the pursuit of power) by discussing this idea with a clear personal voice and with reference to textual evidence. Use at least 4-5 quotes.
  • You may bring in the opinions of critics and agree/ disagree with what they’re saying.
  • Make sure you reiterate your argument in the final sentence and reinforce your stance on the question by hitting the key words.

Body 2

Topic sentence: The perspective that “Hamlet” portrays a depressing portrait of a world in which balance has been disturbed, does to a large extent reflect my understanding of the text, as a sense of disenchantment is amplified in the play by Hamlet’s existential questioning and nihilism. This is arguably stimulated directly by the disturbance of social and political harmony.

  • Follow the dot points above

Body 3

Topic sentence: (point about internal struggles: duty/revenge…)

  • Follow the dot points above.
  • Example of using a secondary source: Although Goddard asserts that Hamlet’s qualities of “loveliness, purity and moral insight are not sources of strength and heroism” and that it is his indecision which arguably leads to his downfall in face of his expected duty, it is precisely these elements which allow us to connect to Hamlet as a character. Hamlet’s vulnerability is what elevates the play from being just an exploration of revenge as he struggles to come to terms with his role as avenger and son…etc


  • Briefly outline the arguments that you have made in your body paragraphs.
  • Restate your stance on the question, answer the question and reinforce your personal opinion of the text.
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