About Dux College

Dedicated to Students

Dux College was founded in 2009 by two dedicated school teachers who noticed a lack of quality tutoring options for students who have ATAR goals to meet.

Over the years, Dux College has grown by word of mouth as satisfied students and parents recommend our services to their friends and family. Today, Dux College is the choice of 400+ students and their families each year to help achieve their ATAR goals.

Tutoring that delivers results

We are successful because we do our job well. Our job is to maximise our students’ ATAR by improving their knowledge and performance in exams.  Our results are second to none, and our past students are studying their ideal courses at university – this is the ultimate goal we work towards for each of our students, and is our source of satisfaction and fulfilment.

What sets us apart from the rest

high-quality-tutor-icn High Quality Tutors

Our state ranking tutors are the best NSW has to offer. Our tutors teach students what they need to know, and how to put it on paper in an exam. We understand why students come to us, and we deliver results.

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high-quality-materials-icn High Quality Course Materials

Students receive materials thoroughly explaining all concepts covered in each class, as well as homework each week. Homework is set out in exam-style format, building familiarity and confidence, and is marked with HSC-style marking criteria each week by their class tutors. Feedback is always given for imperfect responses.

exam-relevance-icn Exam Relevance

In addition to theory, a large focus is placed on exam technique in all our courses. Whether it’s proper essay structuring in English, or useful shortcuts in Maths, we pass on a heap of experience to our students that cannot be found in textbooks. Every situation is always framed in terms of what is necessary to achieve a band 6 mark.

syllabus-icn Syllabus-centric Course Content

Our courses are lean and efficient*. We know precisely what students need to know in order to ace their exams, giving students confidence in that their investment in time and effort is well spent studying with us.

*Being educators we highly welcome and nurture student curiosity so while our courses are efficient in only covering what students need to know for exams, our tutors will often go beyond the bounds of the syllabus in order to illustrate a point or answer a student’s questions holistically, but students are always reminded of what is important and what is not, for their exam purposes.

outside-support-icn Free Support outside of Class

We help our students outside of class hours!

  • Extra help outside of class: workshop tutorials are available for students who need some extra face to face help with their homework or school work.
  • Student Forums: students have access to our discussion forums where they can ask for homework help during the week before their next class.
  • Access to our resources: students can download 1000s of past papers with solutions, sample band 6 essays, course summaries, and exam study guides from our resources section.

HSC Specialist

We only do what we are good at, that’s why we only offer courses for years 9 to 12. We specialise in HSC excellence, and our courses are all designed with the end goal in mind. Rest assured that entrusting us with your HSC guidance is a leap in the right direction.

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