5 Ways to Deal with Exam Stress


We know exams can be stressful so here are some quick tips on dealing with stress.

  1. Time Management

When you have the right time management everything will become easier to deal with and things won’t pile up last minute. As a good rule of thumb, you should aim to have studied all the content 2 weeks before the exam at the latest and spend the rest of the time doing past papers and practice questions. For smaller mid-term exams you can shorten this to 1 week if need be. It will reduce overall stress and anxiety for exams.

  1. Deep Breaths

The main thing for calming down when you feel anxious or overwhelmed is to slow down your breathing. You should do long shallow breaths if you feel overwhelmed as it will slow down your breathing and reduce the excess oxygen. Drinking water will also aid in slowing your breathing down.

time management
  1. Regular Exercise

Exercising is important for proper brain functionality and wellbeing. Research has shown a direct correlation between studying better and retaining information along with regular and proper excise. Aim for 30 minutes at least a day.

  • Avoid Exam Post Mortems

Ever finish an exam and complain about how bad you did with a group of friends. You should avoid doing this as much as you can, lamenting on your poor performance or supposed performance in a previous exam may impact your future performance. Just concentrate on the exams ahead and realise that the previous one is done and you can’t change it by complaining or excessively discussing it.

post mortem
  • Become Self Aware

You should try to become aware when you are overwhelmed and getting stresses. It’s okay and the sooner you identify it, the sooner you can try some of the other stuff on the list to help you overcome it.


Our parting wisdom is that you will get stressed but it’s okay. Keep your head up and look forward whilst employing these tips and you’ll do great.

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