5 Reasons why you shouldn’t cram before exams


1. Loss of sleep
Cramming for an exam the night before is not good for the body. There is a reason people call it an “all-nighter”. It’s because you will stay up from night and study all the way until the morning. Students think that they can sacrifice a few hours of sleep to get that extra bit of study in. Whilst it may seem like a good idea, the students will most definitely regret it the next morning when they wake up from their 3-hour sleep. School starts early for students and not getting enough sleep the night before will make them sluggish and not focused. What’s worst is that when students get little to no sleep the night before an exam. Students will definitely not perform to their best when they are running on no sleep.

2. Memorising information will be challenging
Studying all the topics of an exam the night before will not help. Studying is done throughout the term not just the night before. Exams have a lot of topics and are taught throughout the term. Students are expected to learn the topics throughout the term and before the exam they only need to revise them. Teachers do not expect students to learn all the topics the night before the exam because the students will definitely not remember all the information. Students learn as the term progresses and revision is done to brush up on any topics that they aren’t confident with.

3. Increase stress
A student’s mental health is extremely important. Students are already dealing with enough problems at school already and they don’t need any extra stress. Cramming the night before an exam will make students become more stressful. They are worried that they may not remember all the information or finish studying all the topics. This leads to students becoming much more stressed than they should be which will affect their performance for the exam.

4. Won’t help with learning
Cramming does not help students learn. Students only cram to remember information for a particular exam and once the exam has finished, they forgot everything completely. Learning is a done throughout the term. Students learn new topics as the term progress. They won’t learn anything the night before an exam.

5.Test results won’t improve
If students think that if they cram the night before the exam they’ll get good marks, they are wrong. No matter how late a student decides to study until, their test results won’t improve. It may even be worse than they thought. There are many factors why cramming before an exam won’t increase their results. The lack of sleep and increase stress will certainly affect the student’s performance on the day of the exam. It’s much wiser for students to get enough sleep the night before instead of staying all night studying and hoping it will improve their results

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