5 Reasons why you should debate at school


1. Be a critical thinker
While you may not have to debate on a day to day basis, chances are you will be involved in small disagreements and differences of opinions daily. Debating instead of arguing can help defuse an escalating situation. Debating helps you to develop essential critical thinking skills. You will learn to make reasoned and well thought out arguments whilst also questioning the evidence behind a particular argument or conclusion. Critical thinking also helps you become curious about new ideas and also build a healthy attitude towards questioning.

2. Articulate your thoughts
Have you ever had that moment when you wanted to say something quickly but just couldn’t get the words out in time? Well debating can help you become better at explaining a whole variety of topics. By constantly debating, your thought process will improve, and you will be able to say what’s on your mind without hesitating. Debating helps with identifying who your audience is and what the appropriate tone is. The ability to articulate and plan your thoughts is essential in debating and helps with producing a well-planned argument.

3. Think on your feet
Debating helps you think on your feet, challenge your opponent and be ready to identify any loopholes to counter their argument. The ability to think on your feet, respond to questions and comments is essential in debating. When you hesitate, it could cost your precious time and show your opponent your weakness. In fact, the ability to think on your feet is extremely beneficial in life because you will learn to make calculated decisions much faster.

4. Presentation skills
Presentation plays a crucial part in how others perceive you as an individual and more importantly as an opponent. Polishing your presentation skills would be good for both classroom debates and work environments. Good presentation skills will earn you instant respect.

5. Confidence booster
Good presentation skills will help boost your confidence. Confidence will help you shine at interviews or work-related events. If you are confident, you feel more able to take on the increased responsibility and even take some risks. This will help you stand out as an individual. A polished overall presentation and confident speaking manner will make you a unique individual and will also help you get far in life.




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