2022 – New year, new goals!


 2022 New Year – New Goals!

We wish all our students, teachers, staff and parents a happy new year! The new year is a great time to reflect on our learnings from 2021 and work towards improving ourselves. With the new year rolling in, we can take what we learnt from 2021 and accelerate it even further.

New goals

It’s always important to set goals out for the new year which are achievable and manageable. When setting goals, really think about you want to achieve, how you will go about achieving it and the steps you’re going to take to make the goal come true. Do not set unrealistic goals as this will make things very difficult.

Remember that all the goals you set out, it’s up to you to achieve them. You have to put the work in to ensure the goals are ticked off. Without your effort and determination, the goals will not be achieved.

Here’s to a great year at Dux College!


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